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Welcome to the Millennium Development Goals Dashboard!

The MDG Dashboard displays the United Nations Millennium Development Goals Indicators in a user-friendly format, with colour-coded country profiles and maps. We provide over 60 MDG indicators for ca. 200 countries and 21 years (1990-2010) based on original data from the UN MDG database, updated in August 2012.

The MDG Dashboard is available in two 'flavours':


Disclaimer: The data have been compiled by the United Nations Statistics Division. Note that global databases often do not reflect the latest state-of-the-art, especially for OECD countries. Our objective was a good country coverage, and a close match to the MDG 'Roadmap', and sometimes accuracy had to be given a lower priority to reach this goal.
Please note that aggregation of indicators to overall indices, as presented here with the MDG Dashboard, is still controversial.

believe that aggregation can greatly enhance communication with non-expert audiences. However, the indices presented here are not endorsed by those who bear political responsibility for the MDGs, and do not reflect any official position of the European Commission.

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