Greetings from the CGSDI:

The Maternal and Neonatal Program Effort index (MNPI) data were compiled by the POLICY Project, a USAID-funded project implemented by Constella Futures, Research Triangle Institute, and the Center for Development and Population Activities. For copies of MNPI country-specific reports or more information on the methodology, please click here. The raw MNPI data are also available here in an interactive format.

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The MNPI Dashboard uses these data to produce aggregate indices, but this does NOT imply that the owners of the data agree with aggregation in general, or with the specific Dashboard way of calculating aggregate scores.

The rankings presented here should be taken with great caution. While the aggregate indices will often look convincing and plausible (especially for country groups - many small errors tend to compensate each other), for individual indicators there may be huge deviations from the real World.

The blame should neither be put on the Dashboard (it just makes the data more visible), nor on the statistical services who produce indicators under very difficult financial and political restraints. We hope that the Dashboard will help to demonstrate the need for better co-ordination of data collection, and to advance towards a generally accepted set of core indicators of health care, as one of the preconditions for Sustainable Development and achieving the Millennium Development Goals.