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The "Dashboard of Sustainability" is a free, non-commercial software which allows to present complex relationships between economic, social and environmental issues in a highly communicative format aimed at decision-makers and citizens interested in Sustainable Development. It is also particularly recommended to students, university lecturers, researchers and indicator experts. For the 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD), the CGSDI published the "From Rio to Jo'burg" Dashboard, with over 60 indicators for more than 200 countries - an excellent tool for doing your own assessment of the almost twenty years since the Rio Summit.

Click here or into the icon below for a free
download of the Dashboard:

Have a look at the online "Dashboard collection"? UN CSD set, Ecological Footprint, Davos ESI, MDG etc.
Aggregation methodology, printable intro: rtf.gif (223 bytes), Beyond GDP
More indicator sets (e.g. World Economic Forum ESI) are available by pressing Control F5 from a running Dashboard
Click here for more help on function keys -  e.g. Shift F3 exports graphs to PowerPoint, Shift F9 to Word
Press F1 for help, Control F7 to change language
New: Quick Reference Card (by Eric Kemp-Benedict)
V50.4 of 2 January 2012, 0.86 MB CGSDI Dashboard software New: Manual, better Internet access with F2

- In the green box, choose your language, and click Start
Note: After the first run, you will be invited to give your Most urgently wanted is feedback on installation problems - est-ce que les amis français du "tableau de bord" réussissent à installer le logiciel sans problèmes? Funktioniert die deutsche Version?
The data are property of John O'Connor (for the CGSDI & UN CSD Dashboards - please us if you need the Excel source), Ambiente Italia (for Ecosistema Urbano),  CIESIN/Yale (ESI). For technical reasons, the presentations may not always correspond exactly with the original data and valuations. Special thanks to the MASM 32 Support Forum and to those programmers who provided OpenSource tools included here: Sfx7Zip self-extractor by Altap based on Igor Pavlov's 7-Zip LZMA SDK, PNG support by Miyasaka Masaru. The software runs on all Windows versions, but what about Mac & Linux?
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Installation to network drives: change the drive letter in the upper right corner of the green installation box. Please us if you have any problems with the installation!

Mapkit, IPAT-S modelling software, Expert Corner, version history

Why not develop your own Dashboard? xb_next.gif (133 bytes)

The smallprint: We supply the software "as is" for peer review by indicator experts, and decline any responsibility for damages that could result from using it. By downloading the software tool, you accept this condition.